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A bunch of #pipes  wanet all buy it zero :)
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Me at the Pyramids of Monte Alban Oaxaca
"In some way or another,all my work relates to DEATH, its the force that, like no other, stands agains the forces of order,bacause the path of entropy,chaos and death most be followed in thet order.Death ,in all its appearances is very important to me, death is a unique force in this universe……Death in the sence of losing relatives,plays a very important role in a persons development,its a rite of passage that everyone has to go through……For me its not about the loss of people when they die, but about the admiration i have for them….They are in a place i also want to go…and i will go to..hopefully by my own hand..It should be ones own decision……….its the time to go”SL/AO (1980-2014)…See you in the Chaos… 
Fire guide my path!!!